Providing business support for local & new starters

Mentoring is a highly effective means of assisting with the development and launch of a new business

Mentors are most successful when they have all run their own successful businesses and/or operated at director level and so know exactly what is needed to make things happen. They work closely with clients, to help turn a clients ideas into a real business and to assist them with any future plans.

With all this advice, you too can become a successful business in Alford.

In addition to ensuring that the local business owners of Alford have a sound business plan, creating a list of key objectives for the new business and contribute to ensuring that these objectives are achieved.

Business experience

Having a mentor with a successful track record of both running a growth business and providing support for new and growing businesses. Mentors have been there before. They understand the issues you are facing and can help you overcome the challenges of starting a new business.

A Strategic Overview

Keeping a bigger picture in mind of what you want your successes to be and make sure you can see the wood for the trees. They can also help you plan for the future.

Practical support

Having the ability to proactively take part in your plans and working with them provide practical support for your business, whether it is your business plan, building your team, or finding new customers. It is also vital to produce community partnerships, this makes it easier to grow your business locally.

A Devil’s Advocate

A mentor will not tell you how to run your business but they will make sure that you ask yourself the right questions and have considered all aspects of the situation.

Ongoing guidance

Your mentor stays with you, understands your business and your objectives and helps you develop and grow. They also offer future advice if you find yourself struggling.