Get to know us

Get to know us

Here at Alford Business Community, we share all things business in the small Scottish town of Alford, Aberdeenshire.

We have developed packages of dedicated, high quality professional support for local businesses.

We also provide a committed, practical support from experienced business people and advisors.

Specialist services from “in-house” experts, external specialists and Associates; and a mix of business skills enhancement and quality training to meet the needs of each client’s business.

Much of this valuable help and advice is available free to eligible businesses.

Using their valuable skills and knowledge Entrepreneur Action business advisors, mentors and specialists have helped over 650 new and established businesses start up, grow and prosper. Our goal is to help make it happen for new or existing businesses by providing the practical, high quality, enthusiastic support businesses need to succeed.

What makes us different from other support organisations?

We are totally focused on providing an individual advise service on your business in Alford
We only employ the services of experienced business people with a proven track record of successfully supporting the creation and growth of sustainable businesses.
We provide practical help and advice in key areas such as business planning, finance, marketing, sales and help to access appropriate funding.