Advertising Your Business In Scotland

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Following on from our popular post about managing your local business successfully, we have decided to write about business advertising.

Advertising Methods

The most common methods of advertising in the past have been radio and local newspaper ads.

While these are still great ways to get the message out about your brand or business, the advances in technology such as smartphones and tablets means that fewer people are listening to local radio stations or reading the local newspaper than ever before.

People aged 18 – 35 are relying on their devices to listen to music and read the news so any adverts in local radio and newspapers are less likely to be seen by this demographic.

Outdoor Advertising in Edinburgh

We have been looking at more innovative approaches to advertising which can reach maximum numbers of people and especially that crucial 18 – 35 age range.

Students and young professionals are the most likely to be spending their disposable income and also to be spending time away from their home either commuting to work or out socially.

Employing an advertising strategy that capitalises on this is the key to accessing this consumer demographic.

Outdoor advertising has been used with great success in Edinburgh with advertising campaigns being displayed on buses.

Bus advertising in Edinburgh takes advantage of the vast network of buses covering Edinburgh city centre and the surrounding suburbs. Click here to read more.
The exposure for these adverts is of an epic scale. Over half a million people reside in Edinburgh and the majority of these will see at least one bus throughout their, more likely several.
We think that bus advertising is an excellent way to reach all demographics but especially those under 40 who are most likely to be out during the day and night.

Have you tried outdoor advertising? Send us your success stories!

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